An update on recent posts


This is the blog for the School of Psychology and Counselling at the Open University.

Teaching and research continue in the School. Check out these recent posts on the blog:

  • David Kaposi writes about re-assessing the Milgram experiments.
  • We congratulate tutor David Morrison who has won a teaching award.
  • Paul Stenner has co-authored an article about the emotions we bring to the organisations we work for.

In a sadder piece of news, a number of the School’s academics co-author a tribute to their friend and colleague, the late Professor Marcia Worrell.

Of course the School has been thinking about Covid-19/coronavirus.

  • Thoughts for the times on virus and loss
  • Viral language? The emerging discourses of COVID-19
  • Coping with coronavirus
  • Public reactions to COVID-19
  • The psychology of panic buying
  • How to spot a conspiracy theory.

Posts have considered the impact of the virus on our personal lives, and the difficulties of living with lockdown.

  • Alone together – Mothering Sunday in the time of COVID-19
  • How to keep your plates spinning during lockdown
  • Maintaining wellbeing while working from home: some practical strategies
  • Life under lockdown: Home schooling and other stresses.

The School’s academics have also been managing their research and professional practice in the new circumstances of the virus, and they have begun new research about everyone’s experiences.

  • Practicing therapy online – a training course
  • Covid stories? Participate in online research
  • Research and care under lockdown.

Remember to access the blog regularly to see new stories, and perhaps become a follower.

If you have any news you’d like to communicate, get in touch with us at FASS-Psych-Co-SocialMedia email:

Meanwhile, good luck with your OU studies. This is a good time to remember a New Zealand Māori saying: Kia Kaha (stay strong).



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