Forensic Psychology

NEW TV SERIES Catching Britain’s Killers: The Crimes That Changed Us

Are you interested in crime, and criminals? Want to know more about landmark cases in Britain’s history which have changed laws and criminal justice processes?

Watch this new tv series

Catching Britain’s killers: the crimes that changed us 9th October BBC2 9pm (11.15pm BBC2 Wales)

The academic advisors for this series were Dr Zoe Walkington from the School of Psychology and Counselling, and colleagues Paul Catley and Matt Jones from Law and FBL. 


The stories of three murder investigations and their extraordinary consequences, which overturned laws, transformed police interrogation and revolutionised forensic detection. 

Episode 1 – DNA

The hunt to find the killer of two teenage girls in 1980s Leicestershire which led to an extraordinary forensic breakthrough: DNA fingerprinting.

Episode 2 – Double Jeopardy

Shocked by the failure to convict her daughter’s killer, a mother fights for justice by taking on the legal establishment and overturning an 800-year-old law.

Episode 3 – Interrogation

The story of how a 1970s miscarriage of justice, involving three teenage boys, would lead to a radical overhaul of police powers and a brand-new method of investigation.

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