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Recognition for research by Professor Graham Pike and Dr Zoe Walkington

Graham Pike, Professor of Forensic Cognition, and Zoe Walkington, Senior Lecturer in Psychology,  in the School, have recently learned that their research has been shortlisted in the university’s Research Excellence awards. In today’s post, Professor Pike describes the research and explains its importance.

Together with colleagues from the Faculty of Business and Law, Zoe and I were nominated for the ‘Best External Collaboration’ award for our work running the Centre for Policing Research and Learning (CPRL), which is a formal partnership between The Open University and 21 UK police forces and agencies. The success of this partnership is perhaps best demonstrated by its rapid growth, from 5 to 21 forces in just four years; and by the awards, large external grants and impact that have resulted from the Centre’s signature approach of true collaboration between policing practitioners and academics collaboration, of translating research into practice and practice into research, and of the importance we place on the synergy between research and learning. 

The collaboration, based on multidisciplinary teams from all OU faculties and practitioners from different sectors of policing, aims to produce high quality research that is relevant to policy-makers and police practitioners to improve policing for the good of society. The Centre academics and policing partners collaborate to jointly identify, design, create, conduct and apply research on strategic policing themes across a range of disciplines. Our research has influenced policy and practice in several areas of policing, is published in top academic journals as well as practitioner publications and has been translated into successful learning initiatives. As a result, the Centre is recognised as a leader in policing studies in the UK and beyond.

You can find out more about CPRL here (click the ‘research’ tab at the top to see current projects and the ‘learning’ tab for details of open-access courses relevant to policing):

You can also find more details of Zoe and my research on our research group webpage (click on the ‘public engagement’ tab on the right for links to some online tests and interactives):

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