Your School blog – September 2019

Welcome to the blog for the School of Psychology and Counselling. This is the central point in the School’s social media. You can also access the blogs for social psychology, forensic psychology (see the links on the side of this blog page) and the new blog for counselling

The School blog will cover news about people, modules, organisations and events that are of interest to students of psychology and counselling. Look back through recent posts to see coverage of PhD research in the School, links to short films made by the School’s academics, introductions to new academics, and A Tutor’s View – a series in which Associate Lecturers talk about the Level 2 and 3 modules that they tutor.

Coming up, we will have more introductions to people in the School, more about PhDs and lots of other coverage relevant to your study and interests as one of the School’s students.

Keep checking for new posts. You can become a follower of the blog and you can also receive our Twitter messages. The new academic year is just starting so good luck with your studies and stay in touch – it’s good to have you as part of the School community.

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