A Tutor's View, Psychology

D240 Counselling: Exploring Fear and Sadness: A Tutor’s View

We continue our series on Psychology and Counselling modules introduced by Associate Lecturers who tutor them. This week’s module is D240, introduced by Ken Buckley.

Hello. I’m Ken Buckley. I’ve been tutoring Psychology modules for nearly 30 years and I’ve been an Associate Lecturer on D240 since its beginning almost 10 years ago. I am a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. 

What do you like about tutoring on D240?

Most students who take this module are just starting their interest in Counselling Psychology and I enjoy seeing them begin to understand the subject in theoretical terms and how these may be reflected in practical applications. Remember, this is a theoretical overview of counselling approaches. The module will not qualify you to be a therapist. There are other routes to that which will parallel the module. Please ask if you need guidance.

What do students find interesting about this module? 

Students are mainly interested in how different approaches in therapy can be applied to differing issues that clients might present. These are presented in the module textbook ‘Understanding Counselling and Psychotherapy’ and in website materials, including videos. As a D240 student, you will also begin a process of self-understanding from a range of ideas and theories you will study.

What’s the particular benefit of this module for a student working towards a psychology qualification? 

As part of psychology, Counselling has become a very important area, especially with the pressures of modern life and the health issues those can precipitate. So acquiring a better understanding of mental health issues and how they can be addressed is useful as part of your degree qualification pathway.

What do some students find challenging about D240? 

In the main, students may find themselves challenged because they gain  a deeper self-understanding and the revelations that can present. Also, the assignments will challenge your thinking on a range of issues and research.

What’s your advice  for students who are starting D240?

My top tip is for students to  think carefully about why they want to study Counselling and Psychotherapy, and to be decisive about their priorities. Is studying this module part of a planned pathway to a future employment area? Is it a way of understanding yourself and others? Is it part of the theoretical package that will form your OU degree pathway? Is it a stepping stone to becoming a therapist? Whichever of those is your aim, you will find many benefits by taking this module.

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