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The Datafication of the Citizen: A PhD in Social Psychology

Emma Brice is working on a PhD on ‘The Datafication of the Citizen’. She notes that citizens are becoming increasingly datafied by institutions (corporations and the government). In order to investigate this phenomenon, she will be looking at how individuals, experts, corporations and the UK government talk about data privacy. In this week’s social psychology… Continue reading The Datafication of the Citizen: A PhD in Social Psychology


Do you remember?

Can you trust your own memory? Academics from the School have developed this short film on memory, a topic covered in modules DE100, DE200, DE300 and DD310. You can see the film here https://www.bbc.com/ideas/videos/why-your-first-memory-is-probably-wrong/p07jsv21?playlist=made-in-partnership-with-the-open-university

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DD210 Living Psychology: A Tutor’s View

Continuing our series in which Associate Lecturers introduce modules that they tutor on, Aoife Thornton tells you about DD210 Living Psychology. Hello.  My name is Aoife Thornton.  I’ve been tutoring on psychology modules with the OU for eleven years.   I’ve worked on DD210 since its first presentation in 2015 - and I’m still a fan! I’m an ex-OU psychology… Continue reading DD210 Living Psychology: A Tutor’s View