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Learn about counselling and forensic psychology

Check out this amazing new poster for DD310 - Counselling and forensic psychology: investigating crime and therapy.  

Social Psychology

Culture, art and a social psychological issue

A new BBC series on the arts of Oceania is a useful reminder of issues around culture and, perhaps less obviously, different theories about the nature of people. The Level 3 module Advancing social psychology (DD317) discusses culture, including the sometimes problematic assumptions that derive from classic psychological studies of 'other' people that were conducted… Continue reading Culture, art and a social psychological issue

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Psychosocial perspectives on criminality and violence

Following a launch event last June, what used to be the Social Psychology Research Group (SPRG) has recently transformed into the ambitious Culture and Social Psychology (CuSP) collaboration – offering what promises to be an exciting programme of cutting edge external seminars for 2019, to be held at the OU’s Camden Town location, as well… Continue reading Psychosocial perspectives on criminality and violence

Social Psychology

How new is fake news?

Is ‘fake news’ a feature of a contemporary ‘post truth’ society, or does it have a longer history? A new short film links the phenomenon back to the famous thinker Michel Foucault. In this week’s blog for Advancing social psychology (DD317), Professor Paul Stenner writes about the film, and about the influence of Foucault’s thinking… Continue reading How new is fake news?


World mental health day

For world mental health day here's an old post from Meg-John Barker reflecting what we can all learn from D240 - Counselling: Exploring Fear and Sadness about our mental health and how to deal with emotional struggles. D240 is currently being revised into D241: an updated module on counselling and psychotherapy. Watch this space...  … Continue reading World mental health day