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New course on gender identity

Open University Psychology have got together with gender charity Gendered Intelligence to put together this FutureLearn two week course about understanding gender identity.

The course is a good starting point for any individual or organisation looking to increase their awareness of gender diversity, particularly trans identities. Ultimately, people taking the course will learn how to make their organisations more trans-inclusive. The course includes some great videos demonstrating best practice in this area, as well as basic content about the language of gender and how gender works, and overviews of relevant legislation.

Throughout history, life has not been easy for trans people. And, although things may have improved, trans people still face discrimination and many challenges today, particularly given the current moral panic about trans that is happening in the UK. It’s hoped that this course will help to inform and educate, as well as improving practice in the workplace around gender diversity.

Sign up now if you’re interested and pass this information on.

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