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Bisexual Awareness – Problem Solved?

To celebrate Bisexual Visibility day, here's a piece that Helen Bowes-Catton and Sakura Byrne wrote for Palgrave about bisexuality. Research suggests that increasing numbers of young people are questioning received ideas about gender and sexual identity. A growing number of young people report identifying as transgender, non-binary or genderfluid. In response, social media giant Facebook now… Continue reading Bisexual Awareness – Problem Solved?

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I read the news today… and watched tv

Over on the DD317 Advancing Social Psychology blog, Stephanie Taylor has posted about how social psychology can inform us on recent news stories, including the treatment of the Windrush generation, #MeToo, exam results, and the British Bake-Off. Check out the blog post here. These are just a few of the possible connections (a future blog… Continue reading I read the news today… and watched tv

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New course on gender identity

Open University Psychology have got together with gender charity Gendered Intelligence to put together this FutureLearn two week course about understanding gender identity. The course is a good starting point for any individual or organisation looking to increase their awareness of gender diversity, particularly trans identities. Ultimately, people taking the course will learn how to… Continue reading New course on gender identity