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How to manage the digital-related stress of technology

How can we avoid the stress and anxiety associated with the digital age? Dr Gini Harrison and Dr Mathijs Lucassen give us five tips

In a related article on the dark side of technology, we explored how research is starting to show that smartphone and multimedia use is related to anxiety and poor cognitive function. So, what can we do to avoid digital-related stress? Here are some top tips for managing wellbeing in the digital age.

1: Go on a Digital Detox

Whether this means for an hour, a day, a week or longer… try to find time to switch off from your devices and disengage from social media. At the very least, turning off your notifications and sleeping with your phone in another room, or on aeroplane mode, might be enough to see a positive change. For example, a recent study found that restricting smartphone use in the bedroom improved sleep quality, and increased happiness and quality of life. If you are up for more of a challenge, try taking a significant break from social media. The British Psychology Society recently posted an article on how taking a five day break from Facebook can reduce cortisol levels (a physiological marker of stress); and other studies have found a similar positive effect on more psychological measures of wellbeing. Read more…


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