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Psychological reflections on Black Mirror

We’re proud to announce that Michelle Dodd, an OU undergraduate student, has had her review of Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ published in The Psychologist. Very well done Michelle!


The fourth season of standalone episodes starts, in true Black Mirror style, in the mind of Robert Daly, a shy, socially awkward chief of technology at a games company. Daly’s real life is dull and unfulfilling, and characterised by a lack of power and presence despite his position. This is a sharp contrast to his fantasy life, within a modified version of the game he created, where he’s the captain of a space ship that flies round the galaxy defeating evil. The twist in this dark Star Trek parody is that Daly’s crew are sentient beings, digital replicants created from the DNA of co-workers who he feels have wronged him. It’s a ‘bubble universe ruled by an asshole god’. Questions about sentient code and AI are raised throughout the episode, especially in a profound conversation where they discuss ‘dying’. Read more…

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