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Good criminal, bad criminal

Over on the Advancing social psychology (DD317) blog, a new post considers the relevance of a key psychological concept, the essential person, for a recent tv series about the new face of international crime. A recent BBC drama depicted the takeover of global crime networks by new 'Harvard-educated', business-focussed criminals. It was about how the graceless… Continue reading Good criminal, bad criminal

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Introducing CUSP: Social psychology as a social and cultural field

Over on the blog for DD317, Advancing social psychology, our Dr. Stephanie Taylor recently introduced a new academic group in the School of Psychology and explained why its members see society and culture as central concerns for psychology... Social psychologists in the School of psychology at the OU have formed a new group to promote their… Continue reading Introducing CUSP: Social psychology as a social and cultural field

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Digital mothering

Recently our Dr. Lisa Lazard presented her research on digital mothering and the psychology of why parents upload photos of their children to social media at the OU Psychological Society conference (OUPS). Here's a pic of her presenting and some more information about her research in this area... Participation in online life has become increasingly a… Continue reading Digital mothering