Counselling, Psychology

New resource on Gender, Sexual & Relationship Diversity and Mental Health

Our Meg-John Barker has written this new resource for the British Association for Counselling and Psychology (BACP) all about how to work with clients across Gender, Sexual & Relationship Diversity (GSRD).


The resource gives an up-to-date understanding of the psychology of gender, sexuality, and relationships, as well as half a page or so on each of the most common gender, sexual and relationship identities and practices that are around at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be of use and interest to all practitioners working with diverse clients, and to anybody who wants a concise, clear overview of how gender, sexuality and relationships work.

You can download the resource here.

You can read Meg-John’s own blog post about the resource here.

You can read the Pink Therapy blog post about how the resource came to happen here.



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